We offer a wide range of sensors and can create a sensor package specifically­ for ­your ­unique-application.­­ Whether ­it ­is ­a ­special­ calibration­ or a special connector, we can assist with the selection and application of your sensor needs.

Sensor Options include:

  • Wide-band oxygen sensors (UEGO)
  • Heated and non-heated switching oxygen sensors (EGO/HEGO)
  • Knock Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Cam and Crank Speed Sensors

EnviroTech™ Sensor
The EnviroTech™ sensor is a mini weather station suitable for real-time engine control applications. The sensor measures barometric pressure, intake air temperature and intake air relative humidity; outputs either across the J1708 data link or via PWM or a CAN (J1939) output are planned. Sensor output can be used for general information or to correct engine control parameters, such as the UEGO sensor output, equivalence ratio set point and power level.