Other Products

Power Distribution Module

Our Power Distribution Module (PDM) expands CAN bus control networks by replacing existing relay and fuse boxes with more reliable solid-state switches that can directly drive work lights, wiper motors, cooling fans, directional DC motors and other high current loads. The PDM is designed for use in 12-24V systems and supports CAN J1939 communications, allowing users to remotely monitor and configure inputs and outputs. In addition, the PDM features solid-state circuit protection eliminating the need for conventional fuses. The PDM provides current feedback and robust load protection.


ECOM Cable - Controller Area Network (CAN) to USB adapter

The ECOM cable is a USB 2.0 device that allows Controller Area Network (CAN) traffic to be transmitted and received using a computer or laptop. It was originally designed by EControls to provide a CAN interface for our OEM customers to communicate with our ECUs, but it is now offered for use in custom software development.

Learn more at CANCapture.com

Wire Harnesses

The right selection of wire gauge, connectors, shielding, ground points and relays are all key to the success of the wire harness.

We have been designing harnesses as long as we have been designing controllers.  This eliminates the typical “Trouble Not Found” issues that can exist in other electrical connection systems and ensures that we have the ability to offer our customers total control of the system, from component to ECM.

GPS Receivers

GPS receivers are used in recreational vehicle applications for speed control and mapping solutions.

Electronic Throttle Body

  • High performance speed governing
  • Proven durability and reliability


  • Improved performance at lower cost
  • Optimized precious metals loading for alternative fuels and emissions test cycles