Engine Control Modules

Engine Control Modules

  • Full Authority - All sensing, control, diagnostic and I/O in one form factor
  • Model based control reduces development time and improves performance
  • Custom software algorithms added quickly
  • Hardware optimized to customer’s application
  • Development platform included - Separate development ECM is not required
  • Free calibration software included
  • Comprehensive diagnostics suite simplifies troubleshooting

We offer a complete suite of Engine Control Modules (ECMs) for OEM applications in the heavy-duty truck and bus, industrial mobile, industrial stationary, marine and off-road segments.


  • Several ECM hardware base platforms
  • Varying pin count and software features that efficiently meet customers’ needs. 
  • Specific software as needed to handle each OEM’s requirement
  • Available in diesel and spark-ignited variants


  • Rapid ECM development time
  • Lean method of operations
  • Ability to write custom software within days and weeks (instead of months or years)
  • Investment in one of the best software teams in the industry
  • Quick reaction time to satisfy customer needs 


We offer a model-based control that simplifies:

  • Calibration
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Extensive diagnostics