Power Generation

Power generation engines keep critical systems operating, and EControls engine control systems keep them running.

Our engine control system is robust enough to withstand altitude changes, as well as a wide range of fuel quality. Our systems operate on both LPG and natural gas and can switch on the fly automatically or manually.

Our system is a closed loop control system, versus open loop; this improves engine service uptime, eliminates the need for idle air valve and inlet regulator adjustments and allows the system to be quickly diagnosed. By being closed loop, we also avoid the need for field adjustments that may take the engine out of emissions compliance.

For NG engines, our patented EPR operates with very low pressure fuel, eliminating the need to increase the fuel pressure that is required by conventional fuel injection systems and associated cost. The EControls ECM integrates fuel control, spark control, communications and diagnostics in one unit, reducing the costs of optimizing your engine.