Commercial Vehicles

Natural gas-fueled trucks and buses are presently the best alternative to traditional diesel-fueled medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses within the Asia Pacific transportation sector. The reasons are many, including economic benefit (lower operating costs derived from lower cost fuel), refueling infrastructure, clean emissions and government emphasis in many countries supporting natural gas as a strategic fuel. Given similar economic and emissions benefits of natural gas and the continuing investment in gaseous fuel infrastructure in North America and Eastern Europe, it will soon become the best alternative to diesel fuel in these regions as well. EControls systems can help you make the switch from diesel to natural gas, while providing industry-leading engine optimization for improved performance, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Our facility in San Antonio, Texas, has the ability to offer design advice for base engine conversion, provide standard and customized hardware and software and calibrate an engine to meet your application's specific requirements. EControls designs world-class, full-authority engine management systems for major OEMs around the world. These systems have been applied to a variety of commercial truck and bus applications.